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What are the Different Types of Paint Finishes?

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

There are several different types of paint finishes, each with its own unique characteristics and advantages. Here are some of the most common types of paint finishes:

1. Flat/Matte: This type of finish has no shine or gloss and is best used for walls with imperfections, as it helps to hide them. However, it is less durable and can be difficult to clean.

2. Eggshell/Satin: This finish has a slight sheen and is more durable than flat/matte finishes. It is easier to clean and is suitable for walls in high-traffic areas.

3. Semi-gloss: This finish has a noticeable shine and is highly durable, making it suitable for use on doors, trim, and cabinets. It is also easy to clean.

4. Gloss: This finish has a high shine and is the most durable of all finishes. It is ideal for use on surfaces that require frequent cleaning, such as kitchen and bathroom walls and cabinets.

5. High gloss: This finish has an ultra-high shine and is extremely durable. It is commonly used on metal surfaces, such as doors and railings, and is also suitable for use on furniture and cabinets.

When choosing a paint finish, it is important to consider the function and location of the surface being painted, as well as personal preference and the overall aesthetic of the space.

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