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How to get inspired to choose the right paint colour

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Why is it that when you are in a certain place you feel suddenly attracted and impressed by it, and in other places you feel awkward or totally repelled by it?

Color determines a large part of your overall attitude towards a place, product or architecture.

Choosing the predominant color is an important choice for us at home and also where we work. Here are some tips to help you choose a color when repainting.

Paint something small with an accent color

Look at painting as an adventure. Paint a favorite color, something small, like a column, accent wall, or entryway. Choose the leading color with which you will repaint and experiment! It can be from something that inspires you - a vase, a photo frame, a favorite fruit/vegetable, a flower!

Color sets the mood

When choosing a color for a room, think about the mood you want to create in it. What do you want the mood to be in the bedroom - calm, intimate or dramatic and powerful? Neutral warm and cool colors create a calm and relaxing feeling, while deep dark colors create a dramatic mood. In the dining area, you want to create a more sociable atmosphere - bet on warm contrasting and bright colors, for a more formal setting, choose neutral saturated blue and green colors.

Think carefully about the color of the nursery

Be careful in the nursery. You want to create for your child a place for activity, energy or a more orderly and calm place. More intense and bright shades can cause overstimulation and irritability. A good idea is to make a color division of the areas for playing, studying, sleeping.

Match the color of the walls with the lighting

Natural daylight shows the true color. Standard lighting brings out warm tones and yellow. Fluorescent lighting gives a cool blue tone.

So a stronger color may be too bright when used on all walls or next to a large window, but it can be quite effective when used as an accent wall with indirect light.

Color extravagance

Do you want to give a different look to your home or office?

Strong, bright colors or soft, deep neutrals, such as chocolate brown or olive green, as primary or accent colors. Ceilings painted in color can dramatically change the entire look of a room.

Create color transitions in different rooms

You have chosen the first color that is leading or accent. The most difficult part of the choice has been passed. Do not choose color by color for the individual rooms, but choose colors that are compatible with each other and interact with each other.



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