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10 Things You Should Know Before Painting Your Home

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

1.Different paint types produce different results.

Before you start painting, you should consider wall roughness and other factors. Glossy paints are more durable and easy to clean. However, if your wall is rough, glossy paint will bring those roughnesses out even more. Matt paint covers the roughness much better, but it is more resistant to impacts than glossy paint. Semi-gloss paints may be a more suitable choice for you in this situation.

2. Don't let your fear of color get you down and turn your room to white

Colors add depth and a certain texture to your room. Using appropriate colors can instantly turn an otherwise boring room into a beautiful and warm place. If you don't like the color of your room, paint it another color.

3. Try small samples, don't be disappointed

It can be quite difficult to predict how the color you choose will look on your wall by looking at a small paint swatch. It may also not be wise to buy liters of test dye in different colors, especially if you are indecisive. Now manufacturers offer small samples of the colors they sell. Costing only a few dollars, these samples will at least prevent you from wasting money on a color you might not like later on.

4. Consider factors other than square feet

When you go to buy your paint, you need to know the square meters of your room. But apart from that, you should know other factors to determine the paint you need. Always consider the surface you are going to paint, whether you are going to prime or how many coats of primer you will apply. These are all factors that affect the amount of paint you buy.

5. Get ready for the preparation phase

You should spend 80 percent of your time on the preparation phase. Contrary to popular belief, paint does not hide all the imperfections. Make sure that the wall you will paint is as flat as possible beforehand and make sure to clean your wall before painting. Any dust or a little residue under the paint will cause the paint you just made to peel off afterwards.

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6. There's a reason it's called a primer

Primers are essential for a good quality paint job. It prepares the surface for the new paint to adhere . If you have used filler on the wall before, you should use a primer to prevent shine. Filled areas that are not primed show the brightness, and the filled areas after painting shine on your entire wall and stand out.

7. Pay attention to the corners

Always paint the corners with a brush before picking up the roller. The roller that you will make after the brush eliminates the brush strokes you leave in the corners, so you get a smoother look.

8. Rollers may leave other substances on the wall than paint.

Before you start painting, clean the lint from the rollers using a simple tape. Otherwise, these threads become an integral part of your wall after painting.

9. Extend the roll, not yourself

Extension poles save both time and effort. Thanks to the extension poles, you don't have to go up and down the stairs all the time, and you can paint the wall in front of you more strongly. When you consider the benefits of the extension bar, you will see that it is worth the money.

10. If you mix your paint, you don't have to deal with color differences

Although computer-generated paints are high-tech products, there may be color differences between different paint cans. Seeing different shades of color on the same wall is not what anyone wants. To avoid this, mix all the paint cans in a large bucket before you start painting. Mixing the paint thoroughly ensures that you will achieve the same color throughout your room.

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